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Mission Statement

Laboratory Presbyterian Church exists to be a community of love and refuge, where every soul can experience the grace, peace, and healing of Jesus Christ.

Ministry Values

Here you will find the ministry values that the Session has determined defines how we perceive our call to ministry in the community.

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We belong to

the family of Christ

We believe and trust in the saving love of Jesus Christ, which unites us all as brothers and sisters in Christ. So we will strive in all we do to support and encourage our families to live in to that calling.


We will live in to our namesake as a Laboratory of Faith

We are excited to live in an era where the world around us is changing at an incredible pace, and we recognize that the church must change with it. We strive to experiment, to try new ideas, and to create new spaces for people to practice their faith. We will not be daunted by failure or disappointment, but rather see them as learning experiences along the journey.

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Everyone belongs here

We hold fast to the truth that the Kingdom of God is free and available to all, regardless of whatever dividing walls our world may seek to establish. We will do all we can to tear down these dividing walls, to befriend the stranger, and to provide a safe and casual space for all to experience the healing love of Jesus Christ.

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We are a community of faith who lives life together

We know that church is something far bigger than the walls of our sanctuary on Sunday mornings. So we will be a community who lives life together, constantly on the look out for Christ at work in the world wherever we find ourselves. Moreover, we dedicate ourselves to being a supportive family in all avenues and areas of our day to day lives.


We will invest in the youth of our church

Young people are not only the future of the church, they are the church. We commit our time, our resources, and our energies to ensuring that young people have a seat at the table, a place to call their own, and a voice in our deliberations. We dedicate ourselves to providing opportunities for young people to have vital encounters with Jesus Christ.


We will focus outside the walls of our building as a missional church

As such, we aspire to be a church that focuses outside the walls of our own building. While we celebrate with joy every time folks gather in our space, we long to be the church in the community, to meet people where they are, and to carry with us the message of redemption and hope in Jesus Christ. To do this, we dedicate ourselves to discovering new ways to spread the word to our friends, neighbors, and even complete strangers. 

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